Will Kamal Haasan Quit Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss seems to be spell big trouble in Kamal Haasan’s career. First the fringe Hindu group attacking him for being “anti-Hindu” followed now by demands for his arrest for naming the victim of the alleged assault  of Malayalam actress for which the actor Dileep has been arrested.

So does Kamal Haasan feel Bigg Boss is not his cup of (unfiltered) coffee?

“Not at all! I am  very happy to be  hosting Bigg Boss. It is one of my biggest successes in recent times.And no, the protests  have not taken away from the excitement  of  it at all.”

The channel Vijay TV’s  TRPs have risen from a maximum  of  5.2 before Bigg Boss to 7.1 after Bigg Boss.

Apparently Vijay TV which hosts the Tamil Bigg Boss has never seen such a rise in  its TRPs in  the history  of  its existence.

Chuckles Kamalji, “All these  numbers are music to ears, specially since there is a constant attempt to pull the rug from under my feet ever since I started hosting the show. First I am accused of being anti-Hindu which I don’t mind . And secondly I am being targeted for naming the Malayalam actress . This attempt to portray me as anti-women is extremely objectionable to me.”

The attempts to target and tarnish him cannot take away from his sheer excitement at being part of a  new medium. “This is an interactive  medium and I enjoy  talking to the  contestants. The people  targeting me  would find any reason to target me. In the past it was my films Hey Ram and Vishwaroopam. Today it is Bigg BossTomorrow it will be something else. Bring it on.”

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