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“There Will Never Be A Reconciliation,” Sussanne Khan Clarifies!


 There is a buzz in certain sections of Bollywood (the sections that claim to be in the know about the inner circle) that the crisis in Hrithik Roshan’s life  has brought his estranged wife Sussanne close to him once again.

Says a friend of the couple, “Sussanne is softening.She had resolved to stay completely out of  Hrithik’s life. But the Kangana controversy prodded Sussanne to stand up and speak for Hrithik. It’s a welcome gesture and a happy sign of a possible patch.”

On Sunday afternoon when Sussanne was spotted with Hrithik and their two sons talk of a possible patch-up between the couple gained momentum.

But Sussanne cuts down all such talk.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussane
Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne

Speaking exclusively on the subject she says, “There is no possibility of reconciliation…ever. We were seen together because  it was my son Hridaan’s birthday. So we had a family lunch for him. As a mature parent I had to do this. That’s it.”


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