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Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has returned home. The Indian film industry reacts



Celina  Jaitley: “I am  the 4th generation in a family dedicated  to the armed forces… my family has given blood to our nation I speak from my heart. While this sensible gesture of Mr Imran Khan is truly appreciated, also expected certainly is a genuine commitment to hunt down all militant group heads for the benefit of both sides. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to the soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for this cause,as well as for those who are blessed enough to return from the battlefield unscathed, they alone must suffer & bear the deepest wounds & scars of war. Downing a F16 with a 30 year old aircraft , ejecting, getting lynched, and keeping his calm and dignity despite all that goes to say a lot for all who stand for us and the sacrifice their families make. Abhinandan brought us all together as Indians, we have to remember to be that and not turn into Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, Christian or Kashmiri. Our forces sacrifice demand that we stand behind them as “one” .”

Swara Bhaskar:  “Absolutely overjoyed. He is a hero. His calm, dignified, gracious responses and courage in the face of capture are inspiring and his stoic, well mannered conduct hark back to the best traditions of the armed forces.. so very glad that he is back home safe.

 Yash(KGF’s Kannada superstar): “Very happy that he is safe… our country got to witness the bravery of our soldiers… I salute them because they showed that  they bleed tricolor no matter which soil they are on… India is in safe hands… jai hind.”

Nimrat  Kaur:  “Extremely elated and completely in awe of his grit and unfathomable heroism. I salute him not only as an Indian but as a Fauji daughter. It was gut wrenching to imagine all that he went through.”
Prosenjeet  Chatterjee(Bangla superstar):  “So So happy and proud of him .he is  a real hero.”

Vani Tripathi Tikko: “Welcome back Abhinanadan. You held your own despite the odds. Jaihind.
R Madhavan: “I am so so relieved and glad. From the Brink of death to a unforgettable national Hero his journey in the last 3 days is epic . I feel so happy for his family and grateful that all efforts bore fruit for his safe return.”

Sundeep Kishan:  “Proud…the line “I m not supposed to tell you that” is the most heroic line I have heard in the longest time…true blue heroism…salute his bravery.”

Adivi Sesh:  “It means a lot, for him to be able to come home. To actually be behind enemy lines while still showing the grace and poise he did, its not just blind courage. If you think of it, its courage in the face of what might have been certain death.”

Jaya Bachchan: “He is  a true hero.Makes us  proud.”

Ashoke Pandit: “It’s India’s Victory. It’s the victory of good over evil. It’s the victory of bravery, honesty and love towards your country. It’s the victory of a strong and able leadership of Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitaraman & Sushma Swaraj. Every soldier of India isAbhinandan.”

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