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Women, Empowered…Here’s Celebrating The Most Powerful Star Wives Of The Film Industry



  1. Saira Pyar Tumhara …. To have a wife as passionately devoted as Saira Banu to look after you in your old age is every man’s dream. Dilip Kumar is the lucky guy whose beautiful wife happily gave up  a thriving career to be Mrs Dilip Kumar . For  45 years she has known no life except of  a devoted wife.And she  loves. Says the still stunning Saira Banu: “My infinite love for Yousuf Sahib since age 12  is known by the Whole World. . . Sahib could have chosen the loveliest and  most adorable life partners but but for me  there has never been and will not ever be another man who walks the Earth into my heart as Dilip Kumar Sahib did. . He still does not need me as much as I need him for every moment of my Life. He has been the Most Adorable and suave and sophisticated man and husband.” What can be said to such spousal devotion ? Except, awwwwww!
  2. JayaHo:  Mrs Jaya Bachchan is the single-most powerful star-wife in the film industry. Not a single leaf stirs in the Bachchan household without her consent.She supervises every detail of her superstar-husband’s life including the food he eats and the bag he packs to travel. She has been doing it for 40 years now.In 1973 at the peak of  her career superstar Jaya Bhaduri gave up her stupendous career to be  wife to Amitabh Bachchan and mother to Abhishek and Shweta Bachchan. She has never regretted her decision.
  3. Gauri, Tera Growl Bada Power. The only woman who scares Shah Rukh Khan.Mrs gauri Khan is power behind King Khan’s throne. Said to run  Shah Rukh’s life in ways that even he  doesn’t understand. While she controls every button on her husband’s quote  Mrs Khan also has a very exciting life of her own separate from her duties as a wife and mother.That she continues look 20 at 40  is another matter altogether. Every star-wife needs to tear a chapter or two from this ideal wife/mother/socialite’s life.Gauri Khan  is an age defiant head turner
  4. NeetuKapoor: My favourite star-wife .Every time her temperamental husband puts his foot in his drunken ​abusive ​mouth she gently redials the last  number on the phone and asks the recipient of his inebriated gyan to delete all the racy portions of her husband’s rant. Mrs Neetu Kapoor is the  most mollifying Kapoor bahu since Mrs Krishna Raj Kapoor. She  takes no nonsense from anyone , least of all her husband.She had her innings as a star, and she never looked back.
  1. Mrs Salma Khan: She has all the men in Salman’s family from Salim Khan to Ahil Sharma wrapped around her finger. Every wish of hers is their command. A friend of Salman’s once told me, “If Salma Aunty asks Salman to jump into a dry well he would happily do so.”   When we speak of women’s empowerment we  need too look no further in the film industry. Mrs Salma Khan exudes power and strength.Even when her husband remarried she lost none of her dignity. It takes a lot of self-esteem to withstand  the presence of a second wife .
  2. Ayesha Shroff: Loved and worshipped to the point of absolute deification by her children Tiger and Krishna, adored by her husband , this lady’s romance with life and love goes back to the time when she was a 12-year old schoolgirl with a crush on the neighbourhood’s toughest Dada. Ayesha gave up a promising career and a chance to be the heroine in Raj Kapoor’s Ram Teri Ganga Maili to be Jackie Shroff’s home maker. Who says empowerment can only happen in an office chair?
  3. Zarina Wahab: An uncontrollable  unruly rebellious husband who went out and had an affair with the woman she, the wife, invited home as a guest, Zarina is the happiest wife I know, although she has been given enough reason to be the unhappiest. Feminists would scoff at  the compromises she has made to keep her marriage going.But Zarinaji doesn’t care a damn about what people say. Escaping the prison of ‘isms’ she went out to earn her own living and stuck by the man she loved. Slow clap for the lady.
  4. Soni Razdan: While Mahesh Bhatt was busy playing  the rebellious flower-child at age 40-45, his second wife was taken up with bringing up their two lovely daughters. If  one  of them turned out to be Alia Bhatt, the credit must go entirely to Soni. While raising her daughters she also found time to act in and direct films.And she  never made a big tamasha  about sacrifices she had to make to be a home maker.She never did what she did to impress anyone.

9.​Tera Naam Karega Roshan: She is very beautiful, could have been a leading lady. But chose instead to play the lead in her husband Rakesh Roshan’s life. In the 46 years of their marriage there has never been a  murmur of  an extra-marital affair. Mrs​ Pinkie​ Roshan wouldn’t tolerate it. She would quietly pack her bags and never return. In that sense she is quite like her former daughter-in-law SharmilaTagore

​10.Safal Hogi Teri Aradhana​: A stunner of a woman who yoked  a fabulous career as a leading lady with a very successful marriage and an ideal motherhood. I do hope Kareena  Kapoor learns the art of managing marriage,movies and motherhood from her stunning mother-in-law.Sharmila Tagore’s children were never brought up by ayahs.

​11.Happy Worth​ Day To Sunita, Happy Worth Day To You: Let’s just put it this way, If it wasn’t for his wife AnilKapoor would look like his brother Boney Kapoor, give or take a few kilos. So no aloo parathas for the man  who looks 40 at 60. Behind every successful man there is a successful dietician .That’s food for thought.

​12.​Poonam Ki Right Ayee : Poonamji–that’s how she likes to be addressed–has been MrsShatrughan Sinha for 37 years. That’s no small achievement.  Now there are two stars in the family. Shatrughan Sinha the Actor and Shatrughan Sinha the politician. Poonamji manages them with clockwork efficiency,shukriya.

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