Women With Voices React To M J Akbar’s Resignation From Government

Sandhya Mridul : “Every right head that rolls is a big step forward.”

Chitrangda Singh: “I suppose this marks a turning point for our society . #metoo is gaining ground because it’s real n not a trend like some are saying .”

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Dia  Mirza: “This means that finally actions have consequences. The #MeToo movement in India is a much needed, long awaited movement to weed out the muck in our society. MJ Akbar should be tried in a court of law. “

Nandita  Das: “It is what he should have done and I am happy he has. I am sure due process will be followed as it should be in all cases. But this is the time to let survivors speak. And we must listen.”

Pooja Bhatt: “If he has stepped down on his own then I am glad his conscience prevailed”

Khushboo: “It is not going to stop with this nor will everything that’s wrong  in the gender equation  be over with one resignation..accusations need to be proved right and authentic.”

Swara Bhaskar: “I think it’s a big vindication to the courageous women who have stood up to claim their trauma and their stories after all these years. It’s also a hopeful signal that we are as a society (some parts at least) are moving towards a zero tolerance attitude to sexual harassment at the workplace.”

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