Worker From Farhan Akhtar’s Wife’s Saloon Goes Missing

A young girl who works at Farhan Akhtar’s wife Adhuna’s salon has been missing since March 16.Kirti Vyas left home on the morning of March 16 and never reached to her workplace.

Frantic with worry, Adhuna’s former husband Farhan has been making every effort to locate the missing girl.

“The stress and the grief that her parents are going through is unimaginable,” says Farhan. “I have no words to reassure  Kirti’s parents. What do we say?” asks Farhan.

 That he has in many ways continued to make his wife’s problems his own is a measure of how cordial the parting has been between  Farhan and Adhuna.

A close friend of the couple says, “Farhan and Adhuna drifted apart as a couple. But they never stopped being friends, and they never will.And it’s not like Hrithik  Roshan and Susanne who remain together only for their children’s sake. Even  beyond their two daughters—who remain  Farhan and Adhuna’s primary concern  in  life—they  are there to look out for one  another.”

Who says a divorce can never be amicable?

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