Was It Wrong For Anushka Sharma To Make A Disparaging Comment On Mohd Rafi In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?

Was It Wrong For Anushka Sharma To Make A Disparaging Comment On Mohd Rafi In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? Bollywood ’s Music Fraternity Reacts.

Just one throwaway casual line where Anushka Sharma says about the legendary singer Mohd Rafi , ‘Wohgaate kam rotey zyada ttthe’ has triggered off an outbreak of outrage among the singer’s fans , admirers and family members. Is the protest justified?

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Amit Trivedi: “Fans, family and admirers are bound to feel hurt  with that kind of statement. I guess it’s understandable”

Baabul Supriyo: No, they are not over-reacting at all. It was absolutely unnecessary to throw in that line in AeDil Hai Mushkil. Even in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (again a Karan Johar film) there was a line where Ranbirrefers to ‘Ek Ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga’ from 1942 a Love Story, RD Burman’s iconic last film as a ‘Woh Cheap Gaana’ ..Both are in bad taste and it is supposed to hurt sentiments and therefore avoidable.”

Anoop Jalota: “Rafi Saab is still living in people’s hearts. This is one strong emotional connection. They have all the right to react. Dialogue writer and the maker of the film must apologize.”

Prasoon Joshi: “We should always think   about the intent before reacting  to not just words or sentences.Sometimes people do get carried away. Seen in isolation a sentence or a word can mean anything. I don’t think the intent in this case was to disrespect.”

Talat Aziz: “The thing is, whatever I am hearing is through social media.. So I don’t know exactly what is in the film. But on matter of principle if there is a line like what I hear I think that one should not involve iconic figures like Rafi Saheb in such controversial dialogues or whatever we do in our field. Doesn’t matter what context it’s done with.. One might have one’s interpretation but others might not… There has to be a line drawn between creative license and using iconic personalities like Rafi Saheb to create what many would look at as disrespect.”

Manoj Muntashir:  “ I have not seen the movie so far.But I am sure about one thing.Karan Johar is a diehardRafi fan himself. Also, if a character speaks a certain line in a film, it can’t be taken as director’s testimony. For example, in Manoj Kumar’s  Purab Aur Pachchim  if Madan Puri had a dialoge like ‘Duniya mein India kacontribution kya jai..Sirf Zero’  does that mean a patriotic like Manoj Kumar ji had endorsed  this nonsense that we have made zero contribution in world history??? Of course not. That’s just a dialogue. Dialogues are written for characters and characters have their own fictitious trajectory of thoughts. We have to grow up and stop over- reacting to such stuff. I am sure if  Rafi sahab was alive today, he would never have taken offence to  such things.”

Alka Yagnik: “That dialogue actually gave me a jhatka too while watching  the film.It should have been avoided.”


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