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Yeh dil maange more! Shraddha and Shakti Kapoor will take three holidays in a year



Shraddha Kapoor is one of the busiest actresses around today. After completing the Haseena biopic, she will plunge headlong into training for the biopic on Saina Nehwal.

But the actress along with her family – father Shakti, mother Shivangi and brother Siddharth have decided that no matter what, they will now take three breaks in a year – two with family and the rest solo. The Kapoors already went to Hong Kong and Seychelles last week and now plan a trip to Dehra Dun in September.

Shakti says, “After Seychelles and Hong Kong we had such great fun as a family that we decided from now, will have three holidays in a year – two holidays with the family and one alone or with friends like Shraddha went to Europe this year and Shivangi went to Japan. Let Shraddha and Siddhant go with their friends and Shivangi and I will look after the house. We first had a family holiday in Hong Kong this year and now in Seychelles. Siddhant left for a solo holiday to Europe this week and then got to London after that. I just came back from Lucknow after shooting for a film and my family is already after me to plan the next holiday. My kids keep asking me, ‘papa where are we going next?’ I think the next family holiday will be in Dehra Dun and Mussourie where I have a house there.”

Shraddha and her mother Shivangi are very fond of water. In Sechelles where we came back from last week, they were like two water babies. Along with my son, they were like three kids in Seychelles. I was the happiest man there – a man watching them from the beach frolicking around and having great fun in the sea freaking out. My wife also was like a child. I even told a friend of mine that I don’t have two but three children because sabze zyada paani mein Shivangi thi.”

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