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Yes, Govinda Was Offered Avatar,” A Co-Star Reveals All



While the memes and jokes  about Govinda’s  elevated Hollywood aspirations have  not died down the  actor stands by his  words reiterating that he was indeed approached to do  Avatar by  its director James Cameron.

 Now  a  co-star  of Govinda  who has done many successful films with him has revealed to me that  Govinda’s  claims are  probably true.

“He was  always talking about the  films that were offered  to him. And I remember he mentioned to me that he had been offered Avatar way back in  2006-7.So it is  quite possible that  this offer did  come  his way.Why do we have  to  doubt him,  just because  it is Hollywood and  James Cameron?” asks  the  co-star.

However trade analyst and senior  journalist Amod Mehra says Govinda was  offered a completely  different Avatar.

Says Mehra, “For your information Govinda  did work in a film entitled Avatar. Though  it’s complete , it is not being released . The  producer  isPahlaj Nihalani. In this Avatar  Govinda plays a sports coach.”

Sunny  Deol was also part of this aborted  project.

Speaking about this  Avatar to me  in 2012  Govinda had  said, “Avatar is my first motivational film. It’s about a bunch of rowdy college kids and I come to motivate the students.”

Could  this be the  Avatar that Govinda is  mistakenly talking about?

“Could be,” says Amod Mehra. “The big difference is that James Cameron’s Avatar was all blue. Govinda’s Avatar  is in the red.”

However Pahlaj Nihalani who  made the desi Avatar says there’s no room  for  any confusion. “Do I look  anything  like  James Cameron?”  

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