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Yes, I’ve Met Zaheer , He Is A Good Boy: Shatrughan Sinha



Shatrughan Sinha

Yes, I’ve Met Zaheer , He Is A Good Boy, He’ll Keep Her Happy,”Shatrughan Sinha Finally Clarifies  The Wedding Rumours

It is not a wedding for Sonakshi Sinha and the love  of her father  Zaheer Iqbal on the  evening of June 23.

It is a  wedding reception.

The father of the  bride Shatrughan Sinha himself  finally ended the wedding rumours  when at around 5 pm yesterday evening I  got  a call from Shatruji to fill me in on  some of the developments .

He said, “First of all,a  lot has changed since I last spoke to you. In fact there are developments  by the hour.I can’t tell you about all of the developments,as this is a  family matter. I had asked Pahlaj Nihalani to  speak to you. But I  thought  it best to  clue you in directly. So quickly,  yes  my wife and I  are very much a  part of the celebrations on  June 23.”

So Sonakshi and Zaheer are getting married on  June 23? “No, it is not the wedding. It is  the wedding reception  that we are all attending on the evening of June 23,” Shatruji surprises  by revealing.

 But many sections  of the press have been going berserk with  announcements of a wedding on June 23.

Shatruji corrects the misinformation. “No one from my family said  anything about a wedding. Some media  outlets have  just been presuming  things. Too much attention is being given to something that is a private family matter. Shadiyan sab ke ghar hoti hain. Pre-wedding conflicts are  also common. We are all okay now. Whatever the  stress has been sorted.”

I  point out Shatruji’s  magic wand  that ironed out all the rough edges in the  alliance.

He quips, “Koi wand nahin hai.Main koi jaadugar nahinYeh sab hota hi hai har shaadi mein. Just because she is Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter , it doesn’t mean Sonakshi can’t have what she wants in life. ”

It appears Shatruji has met his son-in-law and his family.

Shatruji replies with mock-exasperation. “Subhash, bahot sawaal pooch rahe ho!  Yes, I’ve met them. Zaheer is a good boy. He will be keep my daughter happy.”

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