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“Yes Varun and I Are Getting Together Again,” Reveals David Dhawan



David Dhawan  is  one happy father, and grandfather.  His elder son Rohit recently became  a proud father  of an adorable little baby girl.

And David’s life has changed. “Varun is no longer the baby of  the family.  He must be relieved. All of us now shower all our  kisses cuddles and  hugs on my grandchild.”

Work  isn’t taking a  backseat for family pursuits.  David’s elder son Rohit is all set to direct his third film , and  surprise, it won’t have Varun in  the lead.

Says  David, “Koi zaroori nahin hai ke Rohit ke harr film mein Varun ho.But yes, Varun will star in every film that  I direct. That’s a promise I’ve made  to myself. In fact I am starting a  film with Varun  later this  year.”

Is it a remake or an  original? “I’d like it to be an original film. We’ve zeroed-in  on  a couple  of ideas. But if  these don’t work out I will remake  one  of  my Govinda  or Salmanstarrers with Varun.”

David  is rightly  very proud  of what Varun has achieved. “I was bowled  over by Varun’s work last year  in October and Sui Dhaga. It’s God’s blessing.”

Varun has  encouraged his  father to  become health-conscious. “Earlier I was totally uncaring.But I had a major health scare  in Bangkok  a  few years ago, and Varun was with me. He decided he will control my diet and make sure I stay fit.”

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