“Yogini Bahen” Hema Malini Rescued By Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev has  one of  the most beautiful  women in India as  his adopted sister.We’re talking about ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini.  And when  the beauteous  Malini  recently  had a health  issue  it was Baba Ramdev who came to his sister’s rescue.

Says Hemaji, “Do you know, he calls me his Yogini Bahen.When  recently I had a physical ailment and I needed  medical advice it  was Baba Ramdeo who came to  my rescue.”

Hua yun ke….Over to Hemaji, “Due to the severe winter  in the North and due to  extensive air travel both  my ears were completely blocked. Medicines  failed to help and the doctors advised me  to go through a surgical  procedure. Then I met Baba Ramdev and mentioned my problem. He told me to inhale sarson ka tel  through  both  my nostrils.And he assured me I’d be okay. I did as  he advised.My eardrums popped. I was miraculously  cured.”

Hema can’t stop singing Baba Ramdeo’s praise. “His remedies are all close to  Nature. I feel we have begun depend too blindly on allopathic medicines. Baba Ramdeo prescribes  no pills.You must write about how he cured my ear ailment. I  want  people to know how closely he follows Nature and  abides by natural remedies.”

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