“Your Talent Should Be Your Drug,” Shekhar Suma Condemns Bharati Singh

 Shekhar Suman , the baap of  stand-up comedy in India  has some wise words  of rebuke  for Bharati Singh, now  in custody  for alleged drug consumption.

Says  Shekhar,  “Your talent should be your drug.Just be addicted to hard work and excellence. Sometimes in life it’s difficult to handle fame and money , especially if you are an upstart.”

Shekhar says the  use of stimulants for a stand-up comedian  is  an alien concept  for him. “It was  always my  inherent abilities and nothing else. My advice to  those who look for external stimulants  to  perform on  stage is: when  you do  stand-up,  stand up  on your two feet without any crutches.”

  Shekhar however doesn’t feel Bharati’s involvement in a  drug scabdal  would affect the  image of  comedy providers  in India. “Laughter by itself is the biggest antidote n the most effective medicine. It doesn’t get effected by sporadic incidents such as this.Laughter is a pond that doesn’t get affected by one bad fish.”

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