Why Is Zarina Wahab Quiet Over Kangana’s Latest Allegations?

Though Zarina Wahab has decided to  not speak out against Kangana Ranaut’s latest outburst against her husband Aditya Pancholi(with whom she was involved  in her earliest phase as a struggling actress) a close friend  of Zarina and Aditya Pancholi says Kangana’s allegation that Zarina refused to help her when she, Kangana, went to her asking that she  be rescued  from Aditya’s unwanted attentions, is absolutely untrue.

Says the friend,  “This incident never happened.  Kangana never went to  Zarinaji asking to be rescued  from Aditya. Kangana has also gone on to say in the same  interview (on Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adaalat) that Zarina said she was happy to have Aditya out of the house since he misbehaved with the house-help. This is again, a completely manufactured incident and conversation. Just like many other things she said  in that interview.”

Taking a deep breath Zarina’s friend says, “The fact  of the matter is, Zarina took Kangana under her wings when Kangana was new in Mumbai, looked after her  like  her own daughter and  gave her the keys of  a spare apartment .Kangana walked away with Zarina’s husband in return . This  is the gratitude she  gets. And now Kanganais making up conversations with Zarina that never happened. Good that she has gone into script writing. Fiction is definitely her forte.”

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