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Zarina Wahab’s Request To Jiah’s Mother: “Please Let My Son Live His Life”



As a very concerned and protective  mother the very strong and kind Zarina Wahab is distressed by the late JiahKhan’s mother Rabia Khan’s relentless battle to pin her daughter’s death to Zarina’s son Sooraj Pancholi.

Now  on hearing of Rabia’s letter to the Prime  Minister regarding the matter Zarina says, “She has been  trying to prove my son’s guilt for four years now. Isn’t she tired ?  Because  everyone else is .She has tried everything possible to hold my son culpable, gone through every  legal procedure. The honourable High Court and the honourable Supreme Court have rejected her accusations against my son. But she refuses to give up.”

With a deep sigh Zarina wonders how long her son would have to endure this attack?

“Does Rabia think by continuing to  accuse my son he will eventually be proven  guilty?  The system of  justice doesn’t work that way. And what does she want to prove by writing to the Prime Minister? Does the Prime Minister have nothing better to do than to listen to a vengeful rant?” asks Zarina  , as she expresses concern for  her son’s future.

“Sooraj has a career ahead. But if he has to repeatedly deal with  these false allegations and  run back-and-forth in and  out of courtrooms  how can he  concentrate on his career? Rabia has lost her daughter and we all feel for her. By going after my son she cannot hope to obtain peace for her daughter’s soul.Jiah  must be watching what her mother is doing . Ussey kitna bura lagta hoga. My plea to Rabia Khan is, Ab bass karoBachche ko jeene do(please stop it let the child live his  life).”

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