Zeenat Aman Happy To Be Well & Alive

Yesterday’s sex symbol Zeenat Aman turns 67 on November 19 and she is  just happy to be healthy and at peace .

Says Zeenat, “I can’t help thinking about how fortunate I am to be alive and healthy. So many people I’ve known closely like Mazhar Khan, Smita Patil and Parveen Babi are no longer with us. One is just so happy and grateful for the gift of life , reasonable health, and family and friends to love.”

    Looking back at her boldly beautiful career as the hottest sex symbol of her times Zeenat says, “You know, at that time one didn’t look at what was done as exploitative. In hindsight, it may seem like a commercial gambit. But when I did it, I didn’t think I was doing anything bold. I did it all with such confidence. Now as I look back  I think certain scenes were  a little too sensuous.”

    Zeenat’s sons are not interested in her films. “They are  so much into their own lives, they aren’t interested in my films, though the elder one has seen some of my films. Today my sons have their own life. But they’ve given my life a whole dimension “

    Zeenat’s birthday wishes…. “Life’s so unpredictable. You never know when the next high or low will strike you. The trick is just to flow with the tides. I think a person’s true worth is measured during times of failure. It’s up to the individual to make the best of what life has dealt. I believe if life hands you lemons you make lemonade. I’m an eternal optimist. I’ve no regrets. I’ve people who love me. I’ve a wonderful life. I’m grateful for what I have.”

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