Zeenat Aman Hounded Stalked Physically Abused By Former Associate

More sordid details from Bollywood’s former diva Zeenat Aman’s association with an entrepreneur  with whom she was in  a relationship  for almost two years, have come to light, bringing into focus again the age-old puzzle of why beautiful and successful women choose to get into abusive relationships.

With Zeenat, the heart-throb of millions in the 1970s, it has happened repeatedly. But let’s focus on the current crisis in her life where her most recent male friend has walked away with all her savings and has harassed her in innumerable ways.

Neighbours  in  the building where Zeenat stays have harrowing tales to tell  of her embarrassment humiliation and abuse.

“He  would land up at any time of  the day or night. Since the watchman had been instructed to not let him in he would threaten the watchman and force  himself into the building premise and  hurl abuses at her from  the building compound,” says a neighbour.

Luckily  for Zeenat all the neighbours in her building have  rallied around her during this hour of crisis.

Says a friend of the actress, “There’s been no attempt to ostracize ,condemn or mock her for the disturbance  of peace. On the contrary all of Zeenat’s neighbours share her  outrage and have signed a petition asking that the man be legally prohibited from stalking her.”

Apparently  the fraudulent entrepreneur first tried to establish contact with Zeenat through phone when she  blocked him from her list. He then tried visiting her. When he was prevented from doing so, he began  to  monitor her moves from outside her building.

Says a friend  of  the actress, “It came to a point where it became near-impossible  for Zeenat to step out of her  home. Every time she went out he would be waiting for her. He would try to stop her car , force himself  into her vehicle as horrified neighbours stared in  disbelief and shock. When he failed to establish contract in this way he hurled abuses at her from outside her home.Zeenat was badly shaken and very scared. Her two  sons wanted  to teach this stalker a lesson. But Zeenat stopped them  from physically assaulting her tormentor, for in doing so,they would be weakening her case.She has now gone to the  cops and they are taking remedial action.”

However Zeenat’s ordeal is far from over.

“All her savings are gone. The man conned her into parting with her money pretending to invest it into real estate. By the time Zeenat woke up to his game  it was late. While she has been assured that some if not all her finances will be restored to her, all Zeenat really wants at this point of time is  to get back to  a normal life with her sons.”

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