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Zeenat Aman Speaks To Subhash K Jha



So Zeenat Aman is a year younger today.
(laughs) If you want to put it that sweetly. Yes. One is just lucky to be alive healthy and happy. By the grace of God, all is well in my space. My two boys are growing up fast and properly. I feel fulfilled as a mother, the role I enjoy the most.

Do you recall birthdays from your childhood?
Of course I do! I was brought up my mother. And she always organized a special party for me. To be honest I don’t remember details from my past birthdays. But I’ve photographs to show how they happened.

I remember the song, cakes, candles, balloons. Once you become a mother yourself your own birthdays become unimportant. Now I make a big fuss over my boys’ birthdays. My younger son Zahaan had his birthday earlier this month. And my elder boy Azaan who’s a Libran had his birthday in October. 

So these two months are marked for birthdays on my calendar. It’s actually your parents who make you feel special on your birthday. Now I value birthdays because friends come together to wish you well. You get good vibrations on that day.

You and Hema Malini seem to generate endless goodwill in the film industry.
Hemaji is lovely. It’s what you invest in life that you get back.

You’re a very reserved person. Do you enjoy all the attention on your birthday?
You know when I was working it used to be a fishbowl existence for me. The constant attention would get to to me. Now when I’m not working that much I love my quiet life at home with my family and very close circle of parts. 

And I value that privacy. Of course I enjoy the flowers and little gifts that I get on my birthday. I’d miss those if they didn’t happen.

I believe your sons are organizing a party for you?
They do that every year. My boys organize very special get-togethers for me. 

But the biggest for you, right?
Oh yes, when he won a prize for a diploma film at his institute I felt he had won an Oscar.

Do your sons watch your films?
Yes, but my films have no real relevance for them It’s like watching home video. They’re no big deal. They do understand their mothers was a celebrity. But they didn’t really see my heyday.

How do you feel when today’s actresses like Mallika Sherawat and Priyanka Chopra acknowledge you as a role model?
Of course it’s a compliment. I’m flattered.

What’s the one gift you want this birthday?
Only my peace of mind and good health. If you’ve those you’ve it all. When they were younger my sons made my birthdays very special by writing poetry, making cards. The emotions are still there. But their feelings are now manifested in less demonstrative ways. But I still have their cards and gifts. They’re my most treasured gifts ever.

Your sons are your biggest support and achievement?
 You know, after their father passed away I felt doubly responsible towards them. I had grown up without a father. I didn’t want my boys to feel the deprivation. The absence of the father could be specially hard on the son. So I tried to compensate as much as I could for the father’s absence.

So do you do boy stuff with them, like adventure sports?
Ha, I go with them. But I don’t really participate. I let them do whatever they want.

You’ve been through a lot in life?
It’s true of everyone, isn’t it? And I’ve my two boys, don’t I?

Do you crave for companionship?
Friendship, companionship….. these never end. My friends are there with me. Life is all about being emotional healthy. I’m not searching for anything beyond that.

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