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Zero Chemistry Between Aishwarya & Ranbir In Bulleya

I sincerely hope and pray that Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t  play the very regal Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s kid brother in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Muskil. Though chances of that eventuality seem dim since in the Bulleya song we see him slipping his hand up her thighs.

Siblings don’t do such things, at least not the ones I know.

So then going by visual evidence we can presume that Ms Rai Bachchan and Master Kapoor play lovers. There is ample evidence of it in the song Bulleya as Amit Mishra screams his lungs out trying to get as SufiasBollywood can get.

Clearly this is a song of Pakistani origin.All Sufi love songs in our films sound like background proddingforEmraan Hashmi’s kissing binges, and this one is no exception.So as Mishra’s screams of  Bulleya rent the ear, and I do mean ear, Ranbir strikes Rockstar poses before the microphone. In case the first song, the eminently haunting title track of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil left us in any doubts as to what Ranbir’s profession and passion are in this film Bulleya makes it very clear that he plays a singer…

….A singer with lots of girlfriend problems. While he is slipping his hand up one lady’s dress he ‘s also necking and smooching another girl Anushka Sharma who it seems is from Pakistan(how do I know? She has lots kohl in her eyes ) which is fine by me. But will it jell well with the saffron society? Is this going to be another controversial film from Dharma Productions?

So what’s the deal…and what’s the big deal? The song Bulleya  is  very routine and makes us hanker for more of Arijit’s soulful vocals which were promised  in the title song.Why has he been banished after being promised the entire album  , since Ranbir plays a singer in the film(not Rockstar again, please).

Aishwarya seems to be cast as some kind of benefactor,patron of the arts and resident seductress of the screenplay. The older hottie and the young besotted boy-man pair worked much better when Ranbir’s dad RishiKapoor was serenaded by Raakhee Gulzar in Ramesh Talwar’s Doosra Aadmi.

Here in their song together Ranbir looks distracted and dispassionate. Aishwarya looks slightly embarrassed . I just hope this is only a temporary lapse of frisson. I am sure on screen this handsome pair would look like they are made for each other. Even if they are not destined to be together by the decree of the screenplay.

Finger crossed.


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