Zero Is Shah Rukh’s Chance To Play Alternate Hero, a la Tyrion Lannister in The Game  Of Thrones

So it’s going to be titled ZeroAanand  Rai’s film with Shah RukhKhan playing a vertically challenged  man is  seen having the time of his life in the teaser. He dances to  the tune of  Affoo khudayathe hit Mohammed Rafi song from the 1965 musical  Jab Jab Phool Khile.

This is  Shah Rukh  Khan’s tribute to the boyish charms of Shashi Kapoor who swept across the screen  dancing to  the first flush  of love  in the song.

This was among Shashi Kapoor’s most favourite songs he had ever filmed on screen.And  it is with reason that Shah Rukh is seen dancing and singing to this Shashi Kapoor number ,and no other.

 Jab Jab Phool Khile is  one  of Aanand Rai’s favourite films. And he  convinced Shah Rukh to go with this  song and no other for the teaser.

So what  does the teaser of Zero say  about the film? Well, he is playing a happy dwarf,not  the least selfconscious  of  his rather brief  tallness. Apparently Shah Rukh in Aanand Rai’s film is  inspired by  the character  of the dwarf  Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage who shot to fame in The Game Of Thrones.

The  source  of Shah Rukh’s character in Aanand Rai’s film is definitely Tyrion Lannister in  The Game  Of Thrones who is happy and always celebrating  his life inspite of  his height. Shah Rukh will play a happy dwarf  who brings families together.

The  special effects generating SRK’s  vertical brevity are outstanding. If this is  the quality of CGs that our cinema succeeds in  bringing to the screen in 2018 then we  don’t need to fear the Hollywood  super-heroes.

Apna 4 foot nothing hero hi qafi hai.

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