Zero’s Isaaqbaazi Number With SRK-Salman Has Plenty Inhouse Jokes

If you are not clued into  movie folklore  it would be easy to miss  all the inhouse references  in the song that comes with the territory of  being filmed on Salman Khan and  Shah  Rukh Khan.  The two superstars, shown singing and dancing together for Aanand Rai’s  Zero  in  the catchy quasi-folk number, love to hate each other  in real life.

Hence when  a filmmaker of Aanand Rai’s stature  brings them together for a special song in his  new SRK starrer Zero it is not a small matter.

Friends of  Salman say he doesn’t like sharing screen space(or any space  for that matter) with  SRK.  Apparently  he agreed to do this song to repay his debt to SRK for making a special appearance as a magician in the Salman starrer, ouch,  Tubelight.

Once  on  screen,  dancing to Ganesh Acharya’s steps(Acharya too  joins in the dancing  with the Khan superstars), SRK and  SK  must pretend  to have fun. This  becomes doubly difficult for Salman since Shah Rukh  plays a  vertically challenged man who  is head over heels in love with a hot actress named Babita  Kumari.

Babita Kumari(probably inspired by Karisma  and Kareena’s mother) is played by the beauteous  Katrina Kaif. The same one whom Salman has secretly and not so secretly been  in love all his  life. And now here he must watch  SRK  act as though he is  smitten by Ms Kaif. SRK  doing the  innocent unsuspecting dwarf-act to perfection, flashes his teeshirt with her  image toSalman.

Salman grins and bears  the insolent  act. Little does he know that the  song begins with Katrina planting a wet slurpy  kiss on SRK’s lips , an act of endearment that makes SRK break into a joyous jig.

I don’t think ‘Bhai’ would like it. He  doesn’t kiss on screen and doesn’t  like his near and dear ones doing what he doesn’t like  doing.

It’s  a complicated  situation. But  let’s not get  into it. Let’s  just enjoy the  zingy number where Bhai and SRK dance  their hearts  out.

The  number ends with SRK(in  full midget form) jumping into Salman’s lap.  Again, a  mistake. Bhai doesn’t like men to get physical with him.But he grins  and bears.All for a  song and a dance. The  music and dance dwarfs all the  misgivings.

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