Zubair Khan got evicted from Bigg Boss 11 house!

Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan

In the Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode Bigg Boss season 11 host Salman Khan grilled the contestants and spared no one. But Zubair Khan was one who received the most. 

The superstar was annoyed with contestant Zubair Khan, who has been picking fights with housemates since day one and has constantly been using foul language. The reports suggest that Zubair had consumed some pills in frustration after host Salman Khan lashed out at him over his bad behaviour in the house following which he was given an emergency exit from  the house. However, he came back after getting the required medical treatment only to get evicted by the audience.

Rumours are rife that he has been evicted after medication for receiving the lowest number of votes. Well, fans will have to wait till Sunday night to know who actually gets evicted.

Notably, while an official announcement is yet to be made in this regard, if the reports turned out to be true it will be a huge disappointment for Zubair’s supporters Hina and gang.

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