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6 Bollywood Actors Who Will Inspire You to Never Give Up On Your Dreams!



Bollywood sells on the brand of an actor’s stardom. Yes, they’re mutually exclusive but extremely necessary to survive in Bollywood.

If you’re an actor, you don’t need any stardom. And if you’re a star, it doesn’t really matter if you can act. A lot of character actors also left a deep impression through their power-packed performances. They gave the perfect backing to these hit films, and despite being a part of the supporting cast, they ruled the screens.

There is a horde of actors who played supporting roles to the protagonists, give the film a new lease of credibility and yet they go unnoticed. The stars walk away with the massive paycheck, and these actors slowly become ‘has-beens’. We compile a list of some of the most significant actors in mainstream Hindi films, who have strived hard over the years by their sheer over the top performances to get the recognition in Bollywood. Let’s roll out the list of these actors who eventually carved their own path in Bollywood only with the weapon of talent.

Radhika Apte: Famous for her sensational contribution to regional cinema (Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi) she turned everybody’s heads up with Shor: In The City. After that, she followed it up with films like the critically-acclaimed Hunterrr, Badlapur, Parched and Majhi The Mountain Man. Her brilliant performances in these films led her career rising into mainstream Bollywood films with Akshay Kumar as her leading hero in recent blockbuster film Padman. Radhika’s plate is full for now with multiple films in her hand as the lead actress.

I do not care about repeating a genre: Radhika Apte

I do not care about repeating a genre: Radhika Apte

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