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On Father’s Day, watch these films to bask in paternal warmth



K.D.: This 2019 Yoodlee production was critically acclaimed for refreshingly humanising a patriarch rather than glorifying him as a proverbial pillar of strength. There is an inner child within our 70-something protagonist Karuppu Durai (Mu Ramaswamy) who wakes up from a long illness and escapes from his home and children who are all set to euthanize him. The joy he feels when an eight-year-old wisecracker Kutty (Nagavishal in a National award-winning role) bonds with him, shows us how wrong we are when we look at old age as an ending rather than a beginning of new adventures. Directed with wit and sensitivity by Madhumita, this engaging Tamil film is a heart-warming and eye-opening reflection on relationships, life and death. It is an affirmation that age does not extinguish the desire to fulfil dormant ambitions and should not prevent anyone from enjoying life’s little and big pleasures.

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