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Adivi Sesh: “My Next Release Is All About Secrecy”



 Not  much is known about  Telugu star-actor Adivi Sesh’s next  release  Evaru which,  Adivi informs me, means ‘Who?’

Adivi Sesh   is  certain that the secrecy surrounding  Evaru will work to its advantage.  “It is a suspense film and yes, there  is  a murder. Beyond that I  cannot reveal anything else at this point. All I  can say is, it is a suspense film unlike  any seen  so far in Telugu cinema.”

Adivi has always seen himself  as a   bit  of a game-changer.

“There’s no point in  doing it  if it’s already been done,” says Adivi. “In that sense  I’ve been lucky. My films, though not quite  the conventional/traditional fare in Telugu cinema, have done well, whether it was KshanamOopiri orGoodachari. Luckily for me, this  time also in   Evaru  I was able to  surrender completely to  the  director VenkatRamji’s vision.I had the luxury  of  being only an actor on the sets. I hope the audience likes  Evaru as much asGoodachari.”

 The film releases  on August 23. The team  earlier hoped  to release on  August 15.

“All things  considered,  we thought August 23  to be the  best  option.” say Adivi.

He is very  excited about his  next  project. “Major is being produced  by  Mahesh Babu and  it is  my first bio-pic. Also it will be  my first release in Hindi.We’re making  it as a bi-lingual in Hindi and Telugu. So that is another step into an unknown territory for me. There is no reason for me to  do a film unless it challenges me  in new ways,”

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