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Anand Kumar Feels Hrithik Roshan Has Immortalized Him



Globally celebrated mathematician Anand  Kumar  is  over the  moon . After seeing the bio-pic on his life where  Hrithik Roshan has  played him, Anand feels he is  all set for posterity.

“Future generations will see  the  film and  the image of  Hrithik Roshan as  Anand  Kumar will linger. Not too many know what  I look like. But everybody knows what  Hrithikji  looks like. And  he has played me with such conviction!  I felt  I  was watching myself on screen. Of course I am even as handsome as  he is. But I think he has captured the essence of my personality,  ” says Anand Kumar  in  the  throes of  deep appreciation and gratitude.

Anand  feels  Hrithik has got every  nuance  of  Anand’s personality.  “The way he talks, walks, slouches  while sitting  or the  tone in which he addresses students…these are  all a spitting image  of me. I don’t think any  other actor  would  have  done my part so convincingly.”

 But there are so many who  feel Hrithik has exaggerated  the speech and other aspects of   Anand’s personality.

Anand  shuts down the naysayers  firmly. “A  lot of Biharis do talk in a  certain way. There is nothing secret  about that. If you hear  how I speak  you will see why Hrithikji got his accent.People have also objected to  Hrithikji’s skin complexion . They say he’s darkened  himself. But  I am many shades darker than he is. What wrong  is in being authentic  while playing a  character?”

As far as Anand Kumar is concerned Hrithik has aced  the part. “He is everything I’d want an actor to be while playing me.”

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