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Armie Hammer, Dev Patel, Jason Isaacs In Mumbai From ​October 6​



Mumbai and the rest of India may be on high alert. But that won’t stop the distinguished American crew of  Anthony Maras’ Mumbai Hotel from shooting in the city .

The crew including its lead actors Armie Hammer, Dev Patel, Jason  Isaacs and TildaCobham-Hervey arrive in Mumbai on

October 6

for a two-week schooting schedule.

Mumbai Hotel recreates the ghastly incidents pertaining to  the 26/11 attack on the TajHotel in Mumbai.

Anupam Kher who plays a stellar role says, “We have already shot a large part ofMumbai Hotel in Australia. Now we shoot in Mumbai. This is  my 501st film .Mumbai Hotel  is one of the most important films in my career. It is about the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai.”

Anupam is very pleased with the research undertaken by director Anthony Maras and his team. “The kind of  research the makers have done gives the film  a unique insight into what really happened at the Taj in Mumbai during the terror attack.”

Anupam says the film will take humane rather than  a political view of the attack that shook Mumbai in 2008. “It’s sad but terror attacks are all about statistics that we read in the newspaper. They happen so frequently that we have stopped reacting to them on a humane level.It’s about how many people died,and we move on. This  film changes that sense of detachment we’ve developed about terror attacks.Mumbai Hotel is about what happened to the people inside the Taj that evening.”

The characters are real as well as fictional. “Some are real. Some are based on real-life characters. I play a character inspired by the Taj chef Hemant Oberoi.I haven’t met him.I intend to interpret the character my own way.Some of the biggest talent from Hollywood and America is involved with the project.I can easily say this  is one of the best roles for an Indian actor in a foreign film.I call it my first film after the interval in my career.”




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