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Did Baabul Supriyo Aassault A Cop In Asansol?”



A video that has emerged from singer  and BJO minister Baabul Supriyo’s visit to Asansol on Tuesday shows him roughing up a cop.
But Baabul is quick to jump to his own defence. “

Half- Truth is what the video shows.. The other half is that yes, I tried to move the people who were blocking my view  that included the policeman.


while doing that, his cap fell off .. I do not lie  I don’t need to lie.

Baabul Supriyo had a miraculous escape from serious injury in Asansol where he was attacked allegedly byTrinamool Congress workers.

Recovering at home in Delhi with his newly-wedded bride by his side Baabul shuddered, “A solid brick was hurled at me  from a distance , right on my chest. I could’ve been killd.I am hurt.But I’ll be okay.”

Baabul says he was besieged by TMC workers who  happily broke the security bandobast to attack him. “Police allowed TMC goon near me.They broke my car’s windscreen  and were hurling stones at  me. I dodged  all of them but  the one that hit me was a solid brick.”
Baabul Supriyo  says he didn’t back down in fear when attacked. “I didn’t run for cover,hidein my car or hide behind my security cover  . I faced the  goons.  Nor did I allow my heavily armed CRPF security to hit back .I basically kept my cool. I am happy about that.”
He is also happy with his stance of  standing his ground. “Physical injuries heal but bad decisions don’t .It’s a wise me today.”

In the meanwhile Mamta Bannerjee remains silent.

Says Baabul, “She can’t reprimand her vote bank, can she?”


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