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Borno Porichoy Serial Killer Gets A New Life



Borno Porichoy(Bengali)

Starring Abir Chatterjee,  Jisshu Sengupta

Directed  by  Mainak Bhaumik

Rating: ***(3 stars)

If it were not for the  excruciatingly  authentic Abir Chatterjee playing the  compulsive killer , this  film’s  killer instincts would have gone  for a toss. The  problems in the narration here are symptomatic of the larger  problems that plague Bangla cinema.

Borno Porichoy wants to  be a big  bright  slick serial-killer thriller  comparable with what Bollywood churns out when  it sets  its  heart to it. Sadly the heart  is missing in this  vapid study of  crime,  death and  mortality.The writing  is woefully  wound-up  and unnecessarily tense.A  lot  of  the  writing is clearly kitschy and  by the timeJisshu is  chasing  Abir on a mo-bike across  Kolkata’s  crowded streets, the  promising film begins to resemble  one  of   Sanjay Gadhvi’s  Dhoom  films without the sparkle.

The  background music and  songs  leaning heavily on Rock sounds, is also for the most part inappropriate  in bringing out the tragic  elements in  the killer’s life.Aabir Chatterjee as Arko, the killer with a  tragic backstory  ,  does a finely  nuanced  job of giving   his  character a bedrock of  vague compassion. He  plays  the devious  killer  with a  cool stealth  defiantly moving away from  the potboiler  mood  of  the narration.

 The  film’s biggest  problem is Jisshu Sengupta. Once  a fine actor he is now reduced to a hammy version ofSanjeev  Kumar. Not that his character  is in any way blessed with subtlety.  Jisshu’s  Dhononjoy a  burnt-out cop with  serious  family and  alcohol issues . He  embodies every cliché of the  filmy cop’s  life, down to the  clever calculating  mind which can pre-empt  the killer’s move even when befogged with alcohol.

Regrettably while Dhononjoy maps the  killer’s moves, the storytelling  lacks  commensurate killer  moves, rapidly  losing its sting  as it  stumbles shakily towards a climax that seems borrowed  from the Shah  Rukh Khan starrrerFan.

The film’s efficacy  hinges on the two main protagonists’ cat-and-mouse moves. Both the lead actors  seem  working at cross  purposes. The  supporting cast  is   shadowy and sketchy with the cops on duty standing  staringopenmouthed at Jisshu Sengupta as he sprouts genius revelations  through an  alcoholic haze. Were it not for AbirChatterjee’s thoughtful  performance this  serial-killer  thriller would be as  thrilling as a pickle  without the spicy filling.

 Bland is a word that comes  to  mind  repeatedly while watching the selfconsciously stylish killer thriller. 

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