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CBFC Goes Sanskaari On Hitman’s Bodyguard!



Orders 39 Beeps & Mutes For The ‘F’ Word

Even if you are Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L  Jackson the censor board in India is not going to allow you to cuss and abuse on screen.

To their horror ,Reynolds and Jackson’s fast flying f..k-filled verbal exchanges have all been lobotomized and castrated  by the Central  Board Of  Film Certification (CBFC) rendering what’s the film’s main USP—the constant tu-tu-main-main between  the two male leads—into a whittled-down wimpy polite vegetarian sundar susheel dialogues.

Apparently the film’s Indian distributors MVP Entertainment fought tooth and nail to retain the language.

“They argued that the way the two heroes spoke in The Hitman’s Bodyguard cannot be changed without damaging the film’s tempo and tenor.  But strong verbal language is  a taboo at the CBFC now under Prasoon Joshi as it was under Pahlaj Nihalani,” says a source close to the CBFC.

Apparently 39  ‘f..ks’, ‘assh…s’  and ‘mother.f…rs’ were ordered out.

Sunil Udhani who helms MVP Entertainment says censor skirmishes are nothing new for Hollywood films.  “That’s not a new thing as the censor board is doing this with most Hollywood movies because of the outdated guidelines they are following. Fortunately , Hitman’s Bodyguard has lot more substance than just the dialogues, and audiences are laughing throughout and enjoying the action scenes ,so I don’t see much damage done there.”

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