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I take Advaniji’s insult very personally: Shatrughan Sinha



Shatrughan Sinha Won’t Take  His Mentor’s Insult Lying Down

Author and Bollywood  fan Chetan Bhagat put his foot in his mouth by comparing Rahul Gandhi’s no-performance report card in the Congress I. with senior BJP leader L K Advani’s performance within his party.

Incensed and outraged Advaniji’s most ardent bhakt in the part Shatrughan Sinha has taken deep umbrage.

“I take this insult very personally. Advaniji is my guru and mentor in politics. No one can deny his contribution to what the Bharatiya Janta Party is today and to Indian politics in general. I share a deep empathy with Advaniji . I see myself as his chief disciple in politics and if he is today sidelined by his own party, so am I.And it is not because we are incompetent,” says Shatruji vehemently, wondering why Chetan Bhagat chose to draw a comparison between the BJP veteran and the Congress youth leader.

“Perhaps Chetan Bhagat who enjoys some popularity among the young urban Indians wants to suck up to certain sections of politicians. Maybe now he wants to get into politics. But it doesn’t behove him to behave like asarkari and darbari.He sounds like he is desperate to please certain politicians who perhaps enjoy seeing veteran leaders being ridiculed. Even Mahatma Gandhi is not spared by some elements.I’d advise all those who are known names in the popular arts  to desist  from commenting on political matters. They almost always end up with their foot in their mouth.”

As for being sidelined Shatruji quips, “My party doesn’t think it is correct to ask me to campaign for the UttarPradesh elections. No one has approached me. But that’s okay. I continue to be a faithful party soldier  even if I am not invited to the party.I won’t gatecrash . But I won’t sulk for not being invited either. What I’ve learnt the most from Advaniji is to maintain one’s dignity in politics, no matter what the provocation. This is somethingChetan Bhagat needs to understand.”

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