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Get Well Soon, Govinda….Govinda’s Mental Health Is Worrying His Friends



 One doesn’t want to be  judgmental over Govinda’s mental health. But loud whispers  about his eccentric behaviour have been  doing the  rounds in Bollywood  for  years now. Intermittently one heard  of Govinda acting very strangely on the sets  of  his films. In fact  stories  of his paranoic behaviour , of  strangers ‘attacking’ and ‘staring’ at  the star,are legion.He once slapped  a visitor  on the sets who slapped a court case on the actor.

Most  of Govinda’s friends and well-wishers agree the star has been  in the  need of some kind of psychological help for some time .But now  Govinda’s latest interview with  habitual rabble-rouser Rajat Sharma has once again raised serious doubts about Govinda’s mental health.

 In  the  interview Govinda claims that James Cameron  offered  his epic blockbuster Avatar  to  Govinda , an offer that  Govinda claims,he politely refused  . He then goes on to claim that he suggested the title Avatar  to Cameron.

 These wildly  improbable  statements have  unleashed an  unprecedented  tirade of mockery and memes againstGovinda.

Close  friends are  not amused.

One  of  Govinda’s closest friends and  associates says sadly, “It is true. Govinda has been acting strange for a long time. It is his habit to claim that he refused this and that big offer. Now he has gone too far.The  negativity in Govinda’s character follows him to  the  boxoffice. Many distributors  and exhibitors refused to touch his  last filmRangeela Raja because he fought with  and abused  them.”

This friend who has  stood  by Govinda for more than four  decades makes  the shocking revelation that  Govindahas cut all  ties with him. “He  told some people that I know that he has nothing to do with me, because I have let him down. Today Govinda has  no friends in  the  film industry and  no one to  help him now that he is in  need  of help.”

Perhaps  the  tragic fact that Govinda  has suffered a series of professional and  personal setbacks in  the  last two decades has  brought  the actor to this sorry psychological state.

In an  interview  to this writer in 2006 Govinda had expressed anguish and  grief over the  cruel blows fate had dealt him. “I’ve never been cruel or unfair to anyone. Yet life has been very unkind to me in recent times. One after the other ten  members  of  my family have died in  one year. It’s frightening.  But what to do ? I’ve to face it.  Recently my family was in a terrible car crash. My wife and two children escaped unhurt although the car somersaulted  three times. I  don’t know how their lives were spared. Bhagwan ka chamatkar tha. But I lost a dear  friend in the accident. I’ve got at least 20-25 yagyas performed for  the safety of my family. I’ve gone to numerous temples and dargah to seek blessings. Kahin na kahin bade-buzurgon ka aashirwaad kaam aa gaya. This too shall pass.Han, lekin meresaath ate ho gaya hai . My mother’s blessings are with me. I spend about four hours a  day on prayers. I’ve no other means of protecting myself. It’s  the love of my family that’s protecting me. I’ve to worry  about protecting them.”

We wish  Govinda  better times ahead. And we  hope to see  him back  on screen  happy and  healed. Even his biggest critic would agree,  there’s no one quite  like Govinda.

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