Here’s How Vidya Balan Lost Jayalalitha To Kangana


TheJayalalithabio-pic which is now beingtop lined byKanganaRanautwas first offered toVidyaBalan.

She  was  apparently dropped  from  the  project for asking too many  questions.

Yes, thats right.  Women actors who  get too  curious  about their character are  considered a   nuisance. On  the  other hand, male superstars can ask as many  questions as they like,  demand as as much money as  they want, and its all considered  legitimate.

So  the story goes that  Vidya Balan  was  almost finalized to play  the eponymous  part in   director  A L  Vijays  Tamil-Hindi film  Thailaivi when the curtain was  brought  down  on  the  Balan chapter.

As Vidya became  increasingly  questioning  about her  role  the  producers  got  uncomfortable with her  inquisitiveness. They  probably had  no answers  at that point of time, says  a source connected  with the project.

Kangana Ranaut stepped in with  the strong recommendation  of writer Vijayendra Prasad who recently worked with the actress in Manikarnika.

 While it is  rumoured that Vidya Balan had to quit due to lack of  information  on the script  writer VijayendraPrasad says he is  holding nothing back regarding the  colourful life  of Jayalalitha. Kangana , it seems  , was destined to play  the role.

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