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Hrithik Roshan Reacts To Mohenjo Daro Being Relieved Of Plagiarism Charges



Hrithik Roshan is one relieved superstar these days.The honourable Mumbai High Court’s verdict berating the complainant Akshaditya Lama for falsely accusing filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker of plagiarizing  the script forMohenjo Daro, has filled Hrithik with hope for justice, not only for Mohenjo Daro but also Hrithik’s home production Kaabil which has also been embroiled in copyright issues.

On a more personal level Hrithik is now hopeful of finding a clean clear and honest closure to his unsavoury conflict with Kangana Ranaut where Hrithik has been accused of a clandestine liaison with the actress for 7 years.

An accusation that Hrithik stoutly denies.

Says a friend of Hrithik, “His close friends and family know what the truth is. After Hrithik’s friend and directorAshutosh Gowariker name was cleared by the honourable court of plagiarism charges , Hrithik is more certain than ever that the legal system will provide him justice in the Kangana case. He is determined to fight it out to the last.”

In  a statement loaded with relevance Hrithik when asked about Mohenjo Daro being cleared of plagiarism charges said, “It’s always heartening and reassuring  when you see truth succeed.”

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