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Kabir Singh Gets A Spectacular Opening, Shows Being Added In Theatres Across The Country



“Better than Bharat,” is  how one  trade expert  describes the opening  of  the new Shahid Kapoor starrer KabirSingh.

Belying all  expectations,and defying all the savage  reviews which have branded  it mosogynistic and  sexist, this  Hindi remake of  the Telugu  blockbuster has become one of  the  biggest  openers  at  the  Hindi  boxoffice for  2019.

Says Kishan Damani,  the  film’s distributor  for Bihar, “Youngsters  love  Kabir Singh. The movie has taken the boxoffice by storm. It’s a hit not only in the multiplexes  but also in  the  single theatres.Extra shows are being added in theatres  across the country.”

Easy  to do, when the week’s other release The Extraordinary Adventures Of A Fakir is a dud.

Damani expects the weekend collections to cross  Rs  60 crores.

“It will be  the  biggest  hit of Shahid Kapoor’s career and one of the three top grosser  of 2019,” predicts  Damani.

Says trade analyst Girish Johar,  “Honestly, I was expecting a good start but wasn’t expecting this kind of ahuuuuuuge start! I believe no one was, genuinely. The trending of the film presently is insane and if it continues through the same wave in the evening and night shows, jaws are gonna hang open  in surprise in the coming days!”

 Johar is specially  surprised since Kabir Singh comes  at a no-holiday weekend. “Clearly shows, no holidays,and hence no hike in  ticket prices,  decent well-controlled ticket prices, superb music, good cast…and AUDIENCES  GRABBED IT !!! Meet their expectations and they will pour love and moolah both !Had the duration of the film(2 hours  55 minutes)  been a little shorter  boxoffice  legs would have been much much stronger.”

Adds trade  guru Amod Mehra, “After a long time Kabir Singh is an out an out youthful romantic film and the trailer made it clear that a fair dose of sex and violence ,both of  which appeal to the masses, can be expected from the film.Now if the length of the film is accepted then the film can easily be declared a hit.”

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