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Kantara Replaces Thank God,  Ram Setu In Several Multiplexes




 It is  not official,  and it cannot be. Since  theatres are contractually obligated to run a  certain number  of shows per day  of  Ram Setu and  Thank God, no one is going to come out  officially to say that  the Kannada blockbuster  Kantara dubbed in Hindi  has replaced the other two Diwali  releases  quietly  in  theatres.

 But that is exactly what  has happened in several centres.There were murmurs  of enhanced shows , and also planted stories of how Kantara is  not “Hindu enough”  to discredit the  sensational hit.

But the elephant marches  on  stomping on the  lesser creatures.

A  leading film distributor in Bihar shares, “It is true . The number of shows  for Kantara are being  quietly  increased cancelling  out  shows  of  Ram Setu and Thank God.”

The  dubbed  Hindi  version  of Kantara has done  a business  of  Rs 35  crores in  three weeks. This , mind  it, is in addition to the   200-plus  crores that  it has reaped in  the  original Kannada  language.

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