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Lama Thrown out of Court for False Claims Against Gowariker



After months of speculation and allegations, the truth has finally prevailed and justice has been served. 
The Hon’ble Bombay High Court has yesterday ruled in favour of director Ashutosh Gowariker in a suit filed against him by Akashaditya Lama wherein Lama had alleged that Gowariker stole his script for his upcoming film Mohenjo Daro. Hon’ble Justice G.S. Patel dismissed an injunction plea against the film’s release and imposed exemplary and punitive costs of Rs. 1,50,000 against Lama.

Justice Patel passed a detailed order in which he slammed Lama for approaching various forums and harassing Gowariker as well as UTV and Hrithik Roshan with his false claims and baseless allegations. Justice Patel held that Lama had been unable to make out a case and observed how it had become a matter of course in the recent past to approach the Courts close to a film’s release to harass film makers and producers and blackmail them.

The Order goes on to record Ashutosh’s painstaking research, contacting of archaeologists and inviting and hosting 6 of the renowned experts on the archaeological site of Mohenjo Daro to Mumbai for a week for in depth discussions and building his story and script based on their theories and opinions.

The Judge strongly criticised Lama for the many press and media articles, youtube interviews and social media related material, released by him filled with allegations against Gowariker, and stated that this was slandering of Ashutosh Gowariker, who is a director of good repute.

Gowariker’s spokesperson confirmed the verdict and said “Ashutosh had faith in the legal system and rather than talking about this, he has been engrossed in promoting the film and I’m sure that that is what he will continue to do. Everyone is fully geared up for 12th August and also the Locarno International Film Festival.”
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