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Madhavan Brings In His Birthday In Belgrade



R Madhavan’s career achievements from  television icon to Mani Ratnam’s favourite actor  in Tamil to  a successful stint in Bollywood , are staggering.

As   he turned 49 on June 1 Madhavan’s  crew members in Belgrade  surprised  him  with a party  and cake and  lots of  warmth.

“I miss my wife and  son. Son Vedant  is participating  in a nationa  swimming championship, so my wife Saritaiswith him,” says Maddy .

I’ve known Madhavan for  23 years. He hasn’t changed at  all, physically  or otherwise. Now when I catch up with him in Belgrade to  wish  him  a happy birthday and  to hear of his plans Maddy(the only actor whom I call by his nickname) reminds me that we  never forget  each other’s birthdays, no matter what.

“It’s rare in this business. But then I’ve always been a part and  yet apart  from showbiz. For one, I’ve been married to the same woman for twenty  years. In fact it’s  our wedding anniversary  in  a couple  of days.And my wife Sarita will be joining me here , ” says Maddy  from  the  freezing weather in  Belgrade where  he is shooting for  his NambiNaryanan bio-pic.

There  is  a small  birthday celebration  with  the  unit. “And  then we  immediately got back to work.”

Madhavan’s only son  13-year old  Vedant is in Pune  for a national swimming championship. “By God’s grace he has  turned  into a fine swimmer and that’s what he wants  to do in  life. My wife and I are happy to see  him accomplish so much in  so little time.”

Maddy himself is  no small achiever. Never fearful  of breaking moulds, way back in the  early 1990s  when television was still in its infancy  Madhavan became  a full-fledged television  star with Ghar Jamai , Sea Hawks  ,Banegi Apni Baat.

 “And today,  look at Sophie Turner  from The Game Of Thrones. She  is bigger than the biggest movie stars,” saysMadhavan as he  steps into a new phase  in his life.

“At  49 I’ve turned director with  Rocketry The Nambi Effect. I’m totally consumed  with the  idea  of getting it right. I am really really nervous.This  is  a man a scientist  whose work and place in history  must be  properly defined.   I can’t afford to goof  up.  I am  giving this project my  best shot. The rest is up to God,” says Maddy.

Speaking on turning  49 Maddy says,  “Can you  believe  it!  It’s hard  to  believe  that  I have completed  such a long time  in the  film .I’ve made  mistakes. But somehow I’ve always bounced  back. And  the mistakes have  taken care  of themselves. I  did  a Telugu  film Sabyasachi  recently which bombed. But it  was re-released  on YouTube where  it has had 37 million  hits. So I guess someone is watching over me.”

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