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Mahesh Babu: “I Don’t Feel 44”



Telugu superstar  Mahesh Babu  who turns 44   on  August 8  looks 23.

Compliment him on his  eternally youthful  appearance  and he  smiles, “Thankyou .To be honest I don’t feel  my age.I exercise regularly and eat healthy  , and think  positively,  nothing more .There is  no secret formula  to looking young.”

 This birthday is  a little removed  from the  usual.

Says Mahesh , “This year I’m in Mumbai with my family .I am shooting on  the day after my   birthday .So I   decided to take them along .But there is nothing special lined up, to be honest .”

 Mahesh Babu looks back at  the  year with satisfaction. “The last year has been amazing .Maharshi was a huge success and I started my next film  Sarileru Neelkevaru which I’m enjoying working on.We also launched my clothes  label The Humble co. and I will be wearing it as much as I can. My wife Namrata is handling the creative  side of it . So all in all its been a very satisfying and substantially great year for me .I  feel extremely happy and blessed . It is a remarkable  year with some  lows in  my family.”

 Mahesh recently  shot in Kashmir. “It was a great experience shooting in Kashmir .We were there for nearly two weeks .I had immense support from the army officials and the people of Kashmir . They were very very kind warm and hospitable .It  was  a memorable  experience.”

 Mahesh feels he  must  now continue his  endeavour  to  find new challenges as an actor. “I  have always said I want to be part of good cinema and entertain my audiences as much as I can . They should remember me by the films I do .And in the process if I can impact their lives in a positive manner in any possible way I’d consider my job done well .”

 Mahesh agrees, he has been  lately leaning a more politically relevant cinema. “I would like to only say that being an actor comes with a set of responsibilities to your fans your  society and yourself. I’m extremely passionate about my craft and respect my job immensely .The next year Sarileru Neekevaru will release on Sankrathi. Which is what I’m really looking forward to.”

 Mahesh Babu’s message  to his  fans on  his  birthday: “I would like to thank each and everyone of my fans and all the people who have shown me so much love and showered me with their blessings and want to say that whatever I am today is because of their unconditional  love for me .. and I’m truly grateful for it.”

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