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Mika Apologizes For Pak Visit To Fuming Film Federation, Federation Tames the Transgressor



Singer  Mika whose career faced  an imminent ban after he  was caught performing at  a wedding in Pakistan,faced  the wrath  of  the  Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) before being made to apologize publicly at a  press meet  in Mumbai on  Thursday afternoon.

Ashoke Pandit, Chief Adviser   of  the  FWICE reveals, “Quite frankly we are not convinced  by  Mika’s public display of  repentance (for performing in Pakistan). They could  be crocodile tears. Such performers will do anything for money in  any part  of  the  world. How do we  know he won’t go back to Pakistan  once  all the  uproar had  died down?”

Angrily Pandit says  , “We  summoned Mika. He arrived with  dozens  of  bullies  to show his strength. We  asked him to drop his act of bravado and face  up to a  lifelong ban. We  also  reminded him that we  knew  where the funds for these stage shows all over the world  featuring Indian and Pakistani artistes are suspected to come from.We  told him we  knew he was planning  to  perform abroad with Salman  Khan. But we wouldn’t let him  after what he had done.”

In fact the  apology seemed a hasty  patch-up job to enable Mika to  zip off with Salman for his concerts.

Says Pandit, “Could be. But we are  not  a legally  sanctioned organization. We  can only send out a strong  signal in the film industry about what we feel to be the morally right stance in a situation  like Mika’s. In  that, we succeeded in a big way.”

After  the sound dressing-down Mika apparently dropped his aggressive act  and  meekly agreed  to comply with whatever the  Federation decided.

“We made it very clear to  him  that we were  not convinced by his  insincere apology.  We insisted on  a public  media-covered apology so that his statement  of  regret would be on –record. We now dare Mika to cross the border again,” says  Pandit  angrily.

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