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Nice Knowing You…Shankar Mahadevan & Partners Move Out Of Saaho



Leading music composer Shankar Mahadevan has taken the revolutionary step of moving out of the big ambitious Saaho project at this late stage when the film is in post-production..

“The music company wanted to include songs from other composers .So we decided to step out as we only do projects where we are sole composers ,” says the soul composer of imperishable movie soundtracks like Dil Chahta Hai, Rock On, Kal Ho Na Ho and Don.

In the recent past music composers like Jatin-Lalit and Preetam and protested about bringing exrtraneous composing talent into movie soundtracks which are meant to be solo efforts.

It is only now for the first time that Shankar Mahadevan has actually let the music producers know that the creative efforts of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy cannot be tampered with.

Says Shankar, “For any film soundtrack there has to be a thread of common creativity which binds the score .That’s what we believe .In the past you had a Madan Mohan film soundtrack or a Shankar-Jaikishan soundtrack. No ‘guests composers’ were allowed in.”

Ending on a cheerful note Shankar Mahadevan says, “We don’t have any issues with any one in the Saaho project .What ever time we spent we enjoyed ourselves.As for the songs that we’ve already composed for Saaho, creativity never goes to waste.”

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