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Rahul Rawail Gets Hatemail From Mammootty Fans



 The Southern  film industry is  known to be fanatical  about  its  actors. Hero-worship  has  gone  to  another level with Malayali fans  of   the legendary Mammootty up in arms over  his exclusion from  the National film awards which were  announced on  Friday.

Apparently Rahul Rawail who headed the jury has been getting the ugliest hate-mail  from Mammootty’s fans asking why  their idol  was  not given  the  National award.

According to source from Rawail’s  jury,  “Rahul has been subjected to the vilest attack  from Mammooty’s fans. They have been threatening  to cause harm to his  family, making  nasty comments about his father(the late  and much-revered filmmaker  H S Rawail) and  saying ugly things about  his children…Rahul is  very  disturbed.”

 The  source further adds  that Mammootty’s  fans’  zeal is quite misplaced.  “They wanted  Mammootty to get  the National award  for best actor for  the Malayalam  film Peranbu .  But  that film wasn’t even in consideration  for our  jury. It was rejected at the  regional level itself. So  where is the  question of giving him the National award to  a film that the jury  didn’t even  see?”

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