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Richa Chadha Lashes Out At ‘Crocodile Tears’ For Sushma Swaraj



Actress Richa Chadha is not happy with  all the  condolences pouring in  for  the  premature  demise  of  former I & B minister Sushma Swaraj.

Speaking  to this writer Richa says,  “I think people should stop shedding crocodile tears on her demise. I see people eulogizing her, and from the same lot of people , not one had the decency to condemn the abuse she faced at the hands of bought right wing IT cell.”

   The  feisty actor  soon to appear  in the bio-pic on the controversial Malayalam  actor Shakeela says, “It’s all good to praise her when she’s gone but you tolerated her abusers when she was alive. Human beings that don’t have a spine start resembling insects , slimy, weak, crawling everywhere, grovelling .”

 Richa’s admiration for  Ms Swaraj shines through her anger. “Sushmaji bravely  re-tweeted all the abuse .She was strong, decent, civil even with people who disagreed with her. She was a woman, a senior citizen and a cabinet minister, and that didn’t stop her from being ‘taught a lesson’ by trollers. Just goes to show how hate-filled people are, how hypocritical.”

  Richa  has a sharp  rebuke for professional  trollers. “My condolences to her family.Sushmaji,  you know who stood by you and who didn’t.”

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