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S S Rajamouli speaks about life after Baahubali



S S Rajamouli the director  of India’s most successful film  speaks to Subhash K Jha about life after Baahubali.

It’s been 2 months since the Baahubali saga hit the screen with its final chapter. How do you look back on the experience  of making what turned out to be the biggest most successful Hindi of all times?

While working on the film, we were so caught up in doing the best we can do for the film. There was not much time to speculate. But now, looking back, its truly humbling to see the response and recognition to years of hard work that was put in by so many people.

Did you and your father the writer  Vijayendra Prasad ever imagine such success for Baahubali?

When you give so much to a project, and tell a story on such a large scale, the success or loss is also on that big a scale. Yes ,we expected it to do big and we were also aware of what happens if it doesn’t.

Personally, how has the experience changed your life? You’ve made many blockbusters before Baahubali. But this is the benchmark that you have created in your career. A benchmark impossible to equal. Is there a sense of emptiness after five years living with the tumult and drama  of Baahubali?

Nothing has changed.Life is exactly the same as before.Maybe I have a little more personal time..I have plans to do projects that are bigger and better. Whether I will succeed or not, only time will tell.Yes there is a sense of emptiness…though I cant tell whether it is emptiness or fulfillment.But a strange feeling that I can’t define.

Do you miss  the vast  cast and crew?  Are you still in contact with them? Or have they  dispersed?

Everyone has to continue with their own journeys. But, we try as much as possible to keep in touch. Everyone will remember Baahubali as a wonderful phase in their lives. An experience such as this is hard to forget.

Staggering boxoffice numbers for Baahubali. How much of this wealth has actually come to  you?

A fraction only(laughs)

You are  a man of frugal needs… You live in a 2-room home that you refuse to move out of? How has the Baahubali windfall affected your lifestyle? I heard you are building a new sprawling home for yourself?

I am quite happy in my beautiful home. I am not building any sprawling houses.But I am planning to build a small far- house 2 hours away from Hyderabad as an occasional weekend getaway. Not everything in my life is Baahubalian size.

What   after  Baahubali? Does that nightmare follow you as you embark on a life beyond the  baap of all blockbusters?

What nightmare? It is a fantastic dream come true.The next project will happen when it has to.

I have two commitments here.But it’s still a little early to talk about them.

Baahubali now moves to China.What do you  think about the success of Dangal in China?

Dangal’s success in China is unprecedented. It is the power of an Indian story and Indian story telling. So proud of it. Aamirji has laid a fantastic platform. I think this will also help Baahubali when it releases in China.

What are your plans in Hindi cinema? Bollywood beckons you with opens arms….

We believed and proved that there are no regional language barriers for a good story. I try to make an Indian film that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Finally, now that Baahubali is the undisputed supremo of Indian cinema what would you attribute its success to?

It’s not a one man’s success. If we believe in the content, emotion of the story, with hard work and dedication towards a single goal right from the core cast & crew to the light boy, the probability of success increases manifold!

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