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Shah Rukh Khan, Son Working Together In A Movie



 But not in the  way we would like them  to. Hang on, though. It’s still exciting enough . Apparently  Shah RukhKhan and his elder son  Aryan are coming together to give  voice  to  the  new version  of The  Lion  King  releasing in  July.

Sources say Aryan will make his cinematic debut as  the  voice of Simba while his father Shah Rukh Khan will give voice to Simba’s  father  Mufasa.

A source reveals, “The  international  English-language version  of   new Lion King has some  of the most  distinguished names  in  the  acting business giving  voice to the animals. The  producers wanted   voices for the Hindi  version  that carried weight and a high level of public appeal.”

That’s where Shah Rukh Khan came in as Papa Lion. Apparently someone suggested Aryan  for  the  Chota Lion. Surprisingly  Aryan agreed , just for  the  fun of it.

“Aryan has  no ambitions to be in  the movies. This is  just a one-off  project being  done for fun,” says an informed source.

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