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Shah Rukh Khan To Make A Guest Appearance In Tamil Film Bigil?



While Shah Rukh Khan is on an extended sabbatical from his career it seems he is about to make a brief exception to his no-work phase.

Apparently Shah Rukh has agreed to make a very special appearance in the new Tamil film Bigil starring the Tamil superstar Vijay along with Nayanthara.

Says a source close to the project, “They approached Shah Rukh with the request. Shah Rukh has never done any Tamil film before.But this is just to shake a leg with Vijay to an A R Rahman tune.”

Incidentally Shah Rukh Khan has done the maximum number of cameos and “friendly appearances”(literally, as he does them to please friends) to help out friends and aspirants. In all he has done cameo appearances in 32 films so far.

Shah Rukh took a conscious decision to stay away from fleeting appearances some time ago .

In fact some years Shah Rukh who has done guest appearances , cameos and voiceovers in innumerable films had told me he would stop doing guest appearances.

SRK had said, “I’d do these things for any friend. If I’ve decided not to do guest appearances any more it’s because I’ve no way of knowing how these roles finally turn out.I’ve no control over special appearances.”

But it looks the Khan has changed his mind. When it comes to pleasing friends he just can’t say no.

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