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Shatrughan Sinha: “To The Best Of My Knowledge, My Dear Friend  Rajinikanth Is Not Getting Into Active Politics Nor Joining The  BJP”



Here is  the end of all speculation on Rajinikanth’s plans vis-à-vis politics .

Rajinikanth’s  close friend and  BJP  ally Shatrughan Sinha absolutely rules out any possibility of  Rajinikanthgetting into active  politics.

“As far as I know—and I should know because I am his political ally—my dear friend Rajinikanth has no plans of getting into active politics. I know  he is being pressurized from many quarters to do so. But he should not, must not give in,” says Mr Sinha who goes back a  long way with Rajinikanth.

In  fact the  iconic Tamil star has acknowledged Shatrughan Sinha as his “guru” and admitted that he oftedcopied  the ‘Shotgun’ style of mannered acting .

Laughs Shatrughan Sinha, “Yes, he has always been very generous in his appreciation of me.He had called me his Guru. And when we worked together in K C Boakadia’s Asli Naqli in 1986 he jokingly told everyone he was thenaqli Shatrughan Sinha. That’s the greatness of this humble man. I am afraid he would be a complete misfit in politics.”

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Rajinikanth has  come close to  joining politics

Shatrughan  Sinha admits Rajinikanth has  come “this close” to  joining politics. “Several political parties have wooed him in the past. They continue to do so. I know for a  fact that he has been seriously tempted on some occasions . But withdrawn from taking the actual plunge  at  the last minute.”

Shatrughan Sinha says not to read too much into Rajinikanth’s proposed meeting with the Prime MinisterNarendra Modi. “Modiji , whom I call our real action hero, likes to  meet the reel action heroes whether it’sSalman Khan, Akshay Kumar or Rajinikanth. I  don’t think any of these superstars are actually taking the plunge(into politics). They are too busy with their acting career to even think of branching into anything else. And if you are THE Rajinikanth  why would you want to get into politics to make the junta listen to you? He just has to express his  will and his fans will obey.He doesn’t need politics, though politics may need him.”

Over the years Shatrughan Sinha and Rajinikanth have remained close friends. “Every time I  visit Chennai I try to meet him.And whenever he is in Mumbai he comes home.If Rajinikanth has any interest in joining politics he would tell me first. I introduced him to Atal Bihari Vajpayee and  Yashwant Sinha when he expressed a desire to meet them. And when Rajini wanted to meet Bal Thackeray I  arranged the meeting. Whatever his political inclinations, I am  a part of them. He won’t take the plunge without consulting me.”

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