Shocking Attempts To Sabotage Zero’s Expected Success

 Days and  hours ahead  of  the release  of one  of this year’s films, Aanand Rai and Shah Rukh’s Zero finds itself confronted  by  attempts to malign the  film with fake tweets and cooked-up reviews.

Popular   trade and  movie analyst Taran Adarsh woke up to find a  tweet  in his name  damning Zero. He wasn’t alone in this malicious campaign to denigrate  a big film by using big names Other critics/trade analyst  like Anupama Chopra, Rajiv Masand, Komal Nahata are  also being used  in  this hate-campaign against Zero.

Then there were  the fake negative reviews  by “critics”  claiming to have seen the film when in fact the film had not been shown to any mediaperson  until Thursday.

Evidently there  is a smearing campaign against  Zero on the social media.

Says  Taran Adarsh, “I don’t know who gets any pleasure in plotting so viciously against a film that  is eagerly awaited. Does anyone really get influenced by such  a smearing campaign? Everyone who follows  me on  twitter knows I  use  my account to speak about new trailers and give boxoffice figures, never to indulge in any  negativity.”

 But director Aanand Rai is unfazed. “Like every human being every film comes with its own destiny. No amount  of negativity can ruin a positive experience for the audience.”

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta,  himself a  victim of smear campaigns on social media says, “Those accounts which are spewing venom against  the  film have Zero credibility and the reviews are by people who have watched the film Zero times.Twitter has become a dust bin for Zero IQ and Zero dignity.”

Industry spokesperson Ashoke Pandit agrees. “It hardly makes any difference to a good film and its maker. Such things hardly matters to a filmmaker like Aanand Rai and  ShahRukh Khan. Ultimately the film matters.One doesn’t decide to go and watch the film after going through twitter.We have lots of sadists within and outside the Industry who don’t believe in the success of others.”

Adds trade analyst  Atul Mohan,  “Lashing out at a film everyone is waiting for…this is not a  new phenomenon…Sad thing to happen…Even I was victim of this. People understand that this is done by someone or a group who are anti-SRK and trying to spread negativity around the film. Whoever may be behind this, it has backfired and resulted in a  positive wave in favour  of  the film.”

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