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Sujeeth: “I Am Too Small To Be Compared With Rajamouli Sir”



 The painfully  young Saaho director Sujeeth is not scared of  comparisons  with Baahubali.

“I understand  Prabhas’ fans want to see a film that will equal Baahubali in scale and  content. I hope Saaho doesn’t disappoint.  But to compare  it with Baahubali is just so impractical. Everything about Saaho is different from Baahubali. That’s how Prabhas Sir wanted  it to be. The  kind  of  hard work and dedication he has put into Saaho is  hard  to  find anywhere else. More than anyone  else, I want Saaho to work for Prabhas Sir. Then  I want  it to work for my producers who have been so generous  kind and considerate. They  never questioned the costs .And even when they  did, it was like  my mother asking why I spent on such a  fancy pair of shows,” says Sujeeth gratefully.

Which  brings us  to Sujeeth’s  mother.

“She is the third  person I want Saaho to succeed for. She has been  praying so hard. When she reads some arrogant-sounding statement where I am  heard comparing  myself  to Rajamouli Sir she asks me why I speak like this. The truth is, I don’t speak to the media because  I want my work to speak for itself. I’m only one film old. When I got  the chance to do Saaho a lot of  people advised my  producers against it saying I  was too young and inexperienced. As for comparing myself to Rajamouli Sir I  never did that. And  yet there were headlines quoting me as  comparing me  to Raja Sir,” says  Prabhas.

And  who or what is  the fourth reason Sujeeth wants Saaho to succeed? “Me ,  of course.I’ve worked very hard alongside   Prabhas Sir  to ensure we’ve made an action film on  a par with Hollywood. We are capable,  if given the  budget. So many of the technicians  mentioned in the  end-credits of  the Hollywood super-hero films are Indians from Bengaluru, Chennai etc.  We are capable of doing an Avengers  or Fast & Furious. All we need  is  a producer to  trust our vision.And  I got it in Saaho.”

Reacting to the car chases  in Saaho resembling Rohit Shetty’s cinema Sujeeth  retorts, “Who doesn’t enjoy watching cars  speed and crash? Car crashes have  become old  now. We’ve used trucks in Saaho. The  concept of on-screen grandeur has changed   drastically. Earlier  audiences were  dazzled by the  grandeur  of  Maya Bazaarand  Patal Bhairavi. Now they need  another kind of optical thrill. I  hope we’ve provided  it in Saaho.”

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