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Sunil Pal Lashes Out At AIB



Lashing out at what he disparagingly calls  the “youtube comedians’ stand-up comic Sunil Pal is on a  warpath against  what he considers the denigration of comedy.

And his main target is the group of outspoken comic activists AIBwho he feels would be the main beneficiary of  the closure  of  The Kapil Sharma Show.

Says Sunil emotionally, “For what  Kapil did to stand-up comed and comedy as a genre in India, I am a fan. Not a word of vulgarity could escape Kapil’s lips. He made whole families come together for  laughter.And now because of his personal issues the show is in trouble.And guess who are the happiest? The you-tube comedians who will now bring their filth to Indian television.”

Sunil Pal was horrified when he received a call inviting him to the Laughter Challenge  show. “I was told that members of the All India Bakchod would be the judge on the show, and would I  be interested in  performing. Then they asked me about my experience. Can  you imagine?! They don’t know that I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for decades now! Do I want to be a part of shows on television being taken over by youtube comedians whose names families can’t say, let alone watch together?”

Sunil lashes out viciously at AIB’s infamous roast where Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh , Arjun Kapoor and a host of top Bollywood names had participated.  “Their antics on stage that evening would never be  forgotten. They ‘roasted’ stand-up comedy that  evening. I’ve nothing against homosexuals or any other community of people. But when  you go on stage and indulge in cheap lines and action you bring down the name  of  your community.”

Lashing out at Karan Johar , Sunil Pal says, “If he is so interested in comedy why doesn’t he promote  good clean comedy instead of associating with youtube comedians like AIB who represent maybe ten  percent of the youth, that ten  percent which is irresponsible and has no respect for parents, family country and our culture. But they talk in English and do their comic act in English, so they represent the so-called elite.”

Not that Sunil  has any problem with English-speaking elitist comedy. “ But why do they have to indulge in so much vulgarity? Do your comedy in English ny all means. But why can’t you keep it clean like Charlie Chaplin or Mr Bean?”

With the  Kapil Sharma Show on the verge of closure Sunil fears for  the future of comedy in India. “Kapil Sharma  showed us how humour can unite the whole nation.I am afraid his exit can only be good news for the crass comedian who will now bring their filth down from the internet to Indian television.”

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